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Bring your business to life with a customized social media plan.

Best Social Media Marketing

Why do you need a social media management agency?

Your customers are on social media.

No matter what industry your business serves, your customers and followers are using social media every single day. To survive, you MUST keep them connected and engaged to your brand in order to become their first option.

There are customers searching for your business and service.

If you offer a service or product, you can be sure that there are potential customers talking about that service or product and searching for businesses that provide it. Our social media management service is designed to position your company to join that conversation and build those online relationships to generate new leads.

Potential customers are talking about your business on social media.

Often, more important than posting, you must be listening to what your customers are posting about your business on social media and quickly and effectively respond to their comments and concerns. At Local Impact, we use social media to highlight the positive aspects of what your business has to offer and, when necessary, respond with sincerity to  any negative comments or remarks.

Every business can benefit from a strong social media presence.

As a small business owner, your time is limited.  Your focus and concentration should be on growing your business, not growing a social media following.  All of our Local Impact team members have been certified in social media management, and our team will implement proven strategies to reach more potential customers, grow your customer base, and ultimately increase your bottom line.

While the social media landscape is changing, one thing remains the same: Social networks are where many people turn when they wish to obtain information on a wide range of subjects or connect with others. As a business owner, you need to recognize the popularity of these sites and make sure you are reaching out to your target audience through them. Local Impact helps you achieve this goal with ease.

Your business must be fully engaged on social media to keep the community aware of your services and brand. In most cases, online users will not trust your brand if your company doesn’t have an online social presence. Social media is important to keep customers connected and necessary if you are wanting your customers to purchase your products or services online.

Social media activity continues to rise every year, so we understand how difficult it can be to stay current with the most popular social media channels, as well as learn good strategies and best practices for growing and engaging audiences online. With the help of Local Impact’s social media team, you’ll stay current with the best practices used by the world’s top brands. We’ll use the latest social media innovations relevant to your business and provide supplemental social media marketing to help you rapidly increase the growth of your social media marketing campaigns.

How We Do Social Media

Social media marketing is a great help in a number of areas. Clients who choose to work with us discover we focus on these areas and more so you’ll see the best return on investment through innovative strategies that are as unique as your business.

Increasing Brand Awareness

When your community visits social media sites, they often see promotional posts from various businesses. However, they may become jaded as these posts are so commonplace. Why not mix in some posts that provide information about the business and what it stands for? We assist clients in creating posts that supply the consumer with more information about your business or organization. The more a consumer knows about you, the more confident they feel when making a purchase from you.

These posts might also provide more information on how to use the products, the manufacturing process, or any topic that may be of interest to the viewer that is relevant to the products and services you offer. In addition, we help you increase your fans and followers with the same characteristics, such as interests and behaviors, as those who currently patronize your business. Your competitors are already utilizing these platforms, so it is best that your business starts to as well.

Building Relationships

Engaging with customers on social media remains of great importance, it helps to build brand loyalty. We help you find a way to showcase your services without appearing to push them, as well as provide a little personality to your business by showing who is behind the brand.

We also help our clients create content that shows what the company values, with the help of a hashtag, commenting on relevant content, or “liking” when a person shares a photo that includes a brand item. These are only a few of the many ways you’ll show individuals what is important to the company and what it stands for, but by doing so, encourages the person viewing the post to connect with your brand.

We show you how to use social media to improve your customer service. When a complaint is posted on social media, you can quickly respond publicly and show you care about what customers think. The process becomes transparent, which consumers are sure to appreciate because they want to know if and when a problem is resolved. Our team will partner with your team to use social media to build relationships with your customers using this technique and many others to build a brand community.

Boosting Website Traffic

Social media offers a great venue for sharing content. When a person shares information on one of these sites, their followers or fans see it and may choose to share with their friends or followers. This is how posts go viral, and every visitor to the site is a potential paying customer. Our job is to help you create content that consumers want to share as this brings more attention to your company. We have found that targeted campaigns help to drive this traffic, but this is only one way you can bring in more visitors to your site. Retargeting ads is another, and every method available will be incorporated into the social media marketing plan created by Local Impact for optimal results. We’ll work with you to understand and develop the best strategies that fit your business goals.

The Best In Social Media Marketing

Contact Local Impact for all of your social media and digital marketing needs. We are here to assist in any way we can and offer several options to ensure you only pay for what you need as opposed to paying for services that won’t be of benefit.

Marketing is of great importance today, but it only works when handled properly. Our skilled team ensures your organization gets the best return on investment.


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