Local SEO

Local customers need to find your local business. If they don’t see you, your competition gets their business!

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Local SEO Charleston WV

The Best Local SEO

When your local customers use Google to search, do they see your company first, or your competitor’s? With hundreds of ranking factors determining placement in organic search results, there are numerous considerations to be made, and that’s where Local Impact comes in. We’ll work with you to gain a greater understanding of your company and your customers, and we’ll use that information to improve your local search rankings.

Local SEO is a long-term investment, and it must be continually managed to stay ahead of your competitors, keep up with algorithm changes, and maintain your place in local search results. Our local SEO methods are quality-focused. We put your company in front of your customers when they’re looking for your products and services.

Content Strategies

We’ll work with you to create relevant, unique content that helps you generate leads and retain customers.

Local Search Engine Optimization

We work with clients throughout the U.S. to drive local traffic and increase conversions with local-focused strategies.

Social Media Marketing

We’ll partner with you to determine the appropriate channels for your audience and develop a social media strategy for your company.

E-Commerce SEO

Although we’re focused on local search engine optimization, we know that e-commerce is equally important. If you’re selling online, SEO is a crucial component of your marketing strategy.


Our Local SEO Strategy

At Local Impact, our digital marketing and SEO approach is deliberate and holistic. We don’t change things simply for the sake of doing something different; our recommendations and strategies are backed by research and data.

  • We’ll start by learning about your company, your high-value products, your local services, your messaging, your brand identity, and much more.

  • Once we’ve learned about your goals and your company, we’ll do keyword research based on your customers’ intent, your site’s content, paid search data, search volume, and in-depth competitive analysis.

  • Once we’ve gotten your keyword input, we’ll optimize on-page components such as meta descriptions, headings, and page titles to align with your local targeting goals.

Based on the info we gather and the results we’ll discuss with you, we will build a long-term local SEO strategy that encompasses backlink building, content development, technical optimizations, conversion optimization, and UI improvements and we’ll make sure it aligns with your company’s other offline and online marketing efforts.


More Than A Local Impact SEO Agency

At Local Impact, we love what we do, and we want our customers to love the customer service, accountability, and real-world experience we provide.

Local SEO is always changing, and it’s our philosophy to learn everything we can, be innovative, be open, and above all else, do great work. We’re not just your local SEO company; we want to be a partner in your digital marketing efforts.

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Local-Focused Website Design

Your customers are highly mobile, and when they want something, they expect nearly instant gratification. Therefore, having a responsive site is no longer just an option. At Local Impact, our mobile-first approach puts you in front of your customers when they’re out and about, and your site will translate seamlessly to the desktop. Regardless of which devices your customers use, our goal is that your customer will find you first online.


Google Ads

Google is one of the most common places for customers to find and connect with local businesses. Therefore, it’s a great place to advertise, expand your market share, and gather cost-effective leads. That’s why we also offer complete AdWords management, which complements our solid organic local search engine optimization strategy.

Transparent SEO Methods

From the beginning, our practices have focused on addressing some of the SEO industry’s biggest issues: accountability, consistency, delivery of results, and transparency—and how we can correct them. Our focus has shaped our teams, processes, reporting, and client relationships.

Reporting & Updating

Along with our in-depth reports, we provide detailed outlines that show what we do with the time you are paying for. By doing so, we’re telling you exactly what our strategies mean for your company. As a result, it has allowed us to maintain one of the area’s highest client retention rates.

Local SEO Agency Huntington WV

We Know Local

We are a West Virginia-based marketing agency that works with companies of all types and sizes and in any market or community across the U.S. Our team works with clients in a range of industries to find new opportunities, evaluate the competition, and find new revenue streams.

While we’re based in Putnam County, WV (midway between Charleston & Huntington), we serve clients across North America. Just because you’re not within driving distance of our offices, that doesn’t mean you won’t get any face-to-face interaction. Our team will come to you for in-person strategy meetings whenever possible and when it’s not, we’ll have a face-to-face through cloud video conferencing. At Local Impact, we’re an extension of your marketing team, and we take that role very seriously.


Providing The Best In Local SEO

When you’re ready to increase your company’s visibility to local customers, you’ll first meet our marketing team. After a preliminary site audit and introductory meeting, we’ll start building the right foundation for your business’ goals. Consultation is free and we are just as interested as you are to know if Local Impact is the right fit for your business.

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