Updated: 02/27/2020

A digital marketing agency needs to know more than just the tools of its trade. It also needs to know its clients and which strategies work best for them, their market, and their business model. At Local Impact, we’ve worked with a variety of law firms, helping them devise online marketing strategies from the ground up. Trends may come and go, but finding out what works best for lawyers and their clients is always our top priority.

Reach Your Client Base with Local SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about increasing your visibility and how easily your clients can find you via search engines. By optimizing your website, you can make it easier for your potential clients to see you. Adding keywords, ensuring mobile-friendliness, including internal links and backlinks as needed, can help to optimize your site better. It can also become more visible to local visitors by creating content designed specifically for your audience, verifying your Google My Business page, and adding your business to relevant online directories.

Build Communities via Social Media

Capturing your audience’s attention is about knowing where to find them. Increasingly, more businesses are finding that it’s social media where you can most easily get directly in touch with them and they with you. Using your social media channel as a support page, to disseminate content, or to spread awareness of deals can help you directly reach more clients online. Plus, it gives you a voice and shows who your agency is without having to meet you in person first.

Show Your Expertise with Content Marketing

The legal profession is one that relies on expertise and knowledge. You can show this through the content published through your website. Find the questions your clients have about legal matters and procedures and write content that answers those questions. This type of marketing brings valuable information to potential clients where they are already looking. Plus, content can be excellent fuel for your SEO efforts, offers you something to spread on social media, and builds the reputation of the brand by showing that you know your business.

Get Intentional with PPC Advertising

Organic marketing like SEO and social media marketing are great for building a following over time, but it works best when paired with methods designed to get faster results, too. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a form of online local business marketing that can be used to specifically target those who would mo be most likely to convert into clients, such as those who have recently visited your website. PPC ads get quicker results, while SEO and social media help build your online presence over time.

Show Your Worth with Online Testimonials

Law firms must build trust to earn clients effectively. Online, the major barrier to that need is the fact that your clients can’t meet you. As such, having a third-party to vouch for you can be very powerful, indeed. Reaching out to clients and incentivizing them to leave reviews and testimonials for your site, Google My Business, or Facebook page can go a long way towards breaking that first barrier between you and your market.

Hire a Local Digital Marketing Agency Designed for Law Firms

At Local Impact, we utilize a range of strategies to effectively market and bring about results for our law firm clients. Our expertise in law marketing ranges from personal injury, divorce, and more to successfully bring about results for our clients. Contact us today to start your digital marketing journey with us.