Updated: 02/27/2020

There are many reasons that your law office’s online reputation is essential when it comes to earning clients. The integrity of the brand depends on it, but your online marketing success could also rely on it. When it comes to local SEO efforts, for instance, we aim to improve your visibility through search engines to make it easier for potential clients to find you. If a client were to search for your services only to find a page full of scathing reviews, it could make them much less likely to click on your site or call you for representation.

As a digital marketing agency that has worked with a variety of law firms with different expertise, we’ve encountered this problem more than once. Here’s how to better handle the situation.

The Power of Positive Reviews

When searching for a local law firm online, your clients are likely to see not only your site but also the reviews for your business and competitors as well. The best way to encourage a positive online reputation is to ask your clients to leave their review if they have been happy with your service. An experienced digital marketing agency can help you craft an email template to send to your satisfied customers, or give you suggestions on how to bring about the subject. Remember to take the time to respond and thank each client for leaving a positive recommendation and tell them how much you appreciate their feedback.

The Sandwich Method for Negative Reviews

There isn’t much need for taking action after a positive review, beyond thanking the client who left it. Having only positive reviews can seem unrealistic, like you may have paid for them, which can get you in legal trouble, or have asked for multiple testimonials at once.

Your reputation isn’t going to be spoiled by a single negative review. However, some reviews can be so harsh and harmful that they can have a severe impact on the impression you make with future potential clients. The sandwich method is the best way of responding to negative reviews. Thank the commenter for the review, offer to make it right by providing contact information details to them, and close by showing appreciation for the feedback again. You may not win back every dissatisfied client, but others will see the effort being made to rectify any mistakes as a sign of an engaged firm that genuinely cares.

Building a Positive Social Proof

Your social media presence can have a vital role to play in cementing your online reputation, as well. It can serve as further proof that your law office is sincere with what its market is saying and responsive to both calls for support as well as positive and negative receptions. A strong following builds a positive social proof. The more that your potential clients see others supporting your business, the more likely they are to believe that your firm is worth supporting. If you receive a negative response on social media, apply the sandwich method as you would with a search engine review.

We’re Here for Law Firms

A positive online reputation is essential to your law firm’s local business marketing. At Local Impact, we’re here for law firms. We’ll work with you to build your positive online reputation and help grow your business. Contact us today to get started.